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schlote gmbh harsumThe SCHLOTE Holding GmbH is the management company for all SCHLOTE GROUP production companies. From here we support our plants with the following functions.


  • Sales
  • Purchasing
  • Central Logistics
  • Project Management
  • Human Ressource
  • Quality Management
  • Information Technology
  • Law & Compliance
  • Technology Development
  • Business Development
  • Finance & Controlling


The SCHLOTE GROUP is a globally operating technology and competence network of highly specialised plants of the industrial metal processing with innovative automation concepts.

The totally nine diversified plants of the SCHLOTE GROUP based in Germany and abroad are working with 1,600 employees as development partner and series supplier for the automotive , the automotive component and the metal casting industry.

Besides the mechanical processing of components and parts, the SCHLOTE service range also comprises the assembly of ready-to-install components as well as the construction and production of casting moulds, tools, devices and special plants.

In our CNC processing centres and automated production lines we process castings made of various material alloys. This include in particular aluminium, iron, steel and forging materials. Machining production processes including different manufacturing processes and technologies are part of our special competences.

Our production lines are designed for small, medium and in particular large series. The manufacture of individual parts and prototypes are thereby part of our service portfolio.



The SCHLOTE Holding GmbH was founded January 1st in 2013 and operates from Harsum close to Hildesheim, Germany. Currently approx.160 employees work for the SCHLOTE Holding GmbH.

Schlote Holding GmbH

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