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Created from the company Rathenower Metallwaren GmbH, SCHLOTE GmbH Rathenow can now look back over a 30-year history. The construction of special machinery, tools and molds has been the focus of activity to this day.

maschine 01In close collaboration with our customers and suppliers, we have grown over the years into a reliable partner for casting plants, predominately in the domain of the automotive industry.

At the Rathenow site, primarily die-casting molds for aluminum, magnesium and zinc components have been designed and produced since 1991. These molds can have a total weight of up to 11 metric tons.

26 qualified employees successfully carry out demanding tasks such as the complex milling of free-form surfaces. Modern CAD/CAM systems and tool machine technologies are applied in the process.

standort rathenowA further focus of our work lies on maintenance and repair work carried out on molds that are already in series.

The company and its employees are happy to meet the constantly rising demands made on die-cast components. The quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers is always our main concern.

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