schlote gruppe logoTHE SCHLOTE GROUP

GF Schlote Schulz
                                   The CEOs of the SCHLOTE GROUP: Jürgen Schlote and Carsten Schulz.

The SCHLOTE GROUP is an association of companies, whose individual works have specialized in various different directions within the automotive supply industry.

The individual companies of our SCHLOTE GROUP act as development partners and series suppliers to the automotive and automotive components industry, the metal casting industry, and the mechanical engineering sector. The range of services covers the design and production of die-casting molds, tooling and equipment, the mechanical processing of products, and the assembly of finished components.

On our CNC machining centers and automated production lines, we process castings made from a wide variety of material alloys, essentially aluminum, iron, steel and forging materials.

Our products are primarily manufactured by means of machining operations and then finished using various manufacturing processes and technologies. The production lines are designed for small-, medium- and large-series production, although we also offer individual parts manufacture and prototyping.

The 9 companies that meanwhile belong to the SCHLOTE GROUP employ a total of 1500 staff.