schlote gruppe logo"Fit For Us" at the SCHLOTE Group!

Together with BARMER we make our staff fit

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Welcome to ‘FitForUs’ - that is the name of the new initiative of the corporate health management of the SCHLOTE GROUP  supported by BARMER..

‘It is our goal to increase health and well-being of the staff and thus to strengthen the personal resources’, stresses BARMER Regional General Manager Daniel Oppermann.

The initiative starts with an analysis and a large employee survey in order to perform health days, for instance, and provide tailor-made offers for the staff.

‘What is good for the health, is also good for us as a company. A health-oriented corporate culture strengthens the personal efficiency and thus our competitiveness.’ “, says CEO Ivo Grünhagen of the SCHLOTE GROUP.

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schlote gruppe logoSchlote pushes research!

Digital Future of the middle class - on the way to success as a solutions provider


The manufacturing industry is facing diverse challenges. It must bring products to market faster, meet increasing individual customer requirements, and simultaneously maintain or even increase the quality while keeping prices favourable.

What will the future of medium-sized companies look like? It will not just depend on the digital technologies used, but also focus on the benefits they bring the customers.

These include technologies such as the Internet of Things, cyber physical systems, virtual reality, or 3D printing. New digital services for many types of products can be developed using these technologies.



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schlote gruppe logoGet a mechanical engineering degree with Schlote!

Schlote Rathenow starts coorperation with Spema


From September 2017, the company Spema (Spezialmaschinen und Ausbildungs GmbH) offers a dual study under the heading ‘Obtain a IHK (Chamber of Industry and Commerce) qualification as industrial mechanic and a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering in only five years’ in cooperation with the Technical University of Applied Sciences (FH) Wildau..

The skills shortage in our industry has now reached engineering. A dual study, viz. a combination of apprenticeship and study, offers the best possibilities to train specialist staff with a practical orientation in less time.

For almost 10 years, the Technical University of Applied Sciences (FH) Wildau successfully offers dual study programmes with the collaboration of education partners from the states Brandenburg and Berlin.

And Schlote in Rathenow is partner of this new dual study!

The new dual study strongly differentiates from the current range of studies of the Technical University of Applied Sciences (FH) Brandenburg:

Young people interested in technical-practical and academical subjects will henceforth be offered a shorter dual study with remunerated training.

Ideally, the graduates obtain their vocational and higher education qualifications already after



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schlote gruppe logoGround-breaking ceremony in Harzgerode

Wir investieren in ein neues Werk in Harzgerode -
und schaffen rund 100 neue Arbeitsplätze bis 2019


Harzgerode: Harzgerode: In cooperation with the aluminium producer Trimet Aluminium SE, Schlote invests in a new 6500 square metres production hall at the site of Trimet.

The ground breaking ceremony took place on 29 March, at the invitation of Trimet, performed with Dr Reiner Haseloff, Minister President of the federal state of Saxony-Anhalt, Marcus Weise, the mayor of Harzgerode, and Luigi Mattina, CEO of Trimet Aluminium SE.

Starting next year, we will produce up to one million aluminium transmission housings per year for a reputable transmission manufacturer.


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